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Packing Food & Coolers

A great way to save money while visiting the parks is to pack a lunch/snacks. Many of the hotel rooms on property include a mini fridge which can be very helpful.

Disney allows you to bring in "suitcases, coolers, or

backpacks with or without wheels no bigger than 2" long x

15" wide x 18" high (61cmx38cmx46cm)" This is especially

helpful when you have a stroller and can just throw the bags

underneath or on the handles.

I prefer to bring a large thermos full of lemonade or

something everyone in the family will drink. This way my

husband and I can drink from the thermos and easily fill up

sippy cups.

With picky eaters having snacks you KNOW they will eat

saves money that you could spend on special treats later or

in the gift shops.

At Magic Kingdom there are two grassy areas on each side of

main street directly in front of the castle. It is the

perfect spot to let little ones run, snack, eat lunch and/or

take a breather. 

When going to the water parks (Typhoon Lagoon & Blizzard Beach) I find bringing bigger coolers very effective as once you find a spot you are pretty much camped out there all day. You are not dragging the cooler everywhere with you just keeping it near your chairs, full of snacks, food, and drinks to enjoy throughout the day. Unlike some of the other water parks in the Orlando area, Disney does not dictate the kinds of food or size of the bags that you are allowed to bring into their parks other than no glass or alcohol.

So remember, when heading to the parks save a few dollars and pack food and drinks and bring your coolers, you'll thank me later.

More Tips & Tricks to Come!

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