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Magic Kingdom

What to DO with kids UNDER

all the Height requirements

You have taken the plunge you are going to Disney ... with your kids.

Well today I want to discuss fast passes and rides worth going on while you are at the Magic Kingdom with toddlers. I will have other posts about rides for older kids but today’s main focus is the little ones.

I want to first preface this with the fact that if you have smaller children I would NOT spend the extra money on a park hopper ticket. I would get a single day ticket and enjoy your day to the fullest at whichever park you choose to go to, ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO MAGIC KINGDOM… you need the whole day if not 2.

Fast Passes – so each day you are at the parks you are able to make 3 fast passes per person per day. You want to make them sooner than later so you have more options. Once you use your last fast pass you can then make 1 more fast pass and if you use that one you can make one more and so on. If you have bigger kids you may want to split fast passes like mom takes big kid on one ride with a fast pass and dad takes little kid on a different ride with a fastpass to make more out of your day and less waiting.

Depending on your child and their likes and dislikes you can decide which rides you think they will enjoy the most. The following rides/attractions have THE LONGEST wait times and do not have any height requirement (meaning even little itty bitties can ride them!) For this list I would highly suggest getting a fast pass if you want to enjoy them

  • Meeting Mickey Mouse – Now there is two ways you can do this. 1) Get to the park before they officially open and go straight to Mickey (since he’s right up front at the entrance to the right) and just knock it out without a fast pass. This way you aren’t wasting one of your 3 fast passes for the day, the line isn’t TOO long, and you get to see Mickey! This Mickey talks and interacts with you and is a great experience. The other option is to just get a fast pass or wait it out but the line gets pretty long for this famous mouse.

  • Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin – So my daughter is 2 and she LOVES Toy Story and I will tell you right now she was more excited about seeing Buzz in the line before getting on the ride than she was about the ride itself. It is a laser pointing game where you shoot the lasers to these targets and earn points. The thing is with small children they tend to lose sight of the laser and it becomes somewhat boring to them since they don’t really understand the concept. But if this is something your child loves, get a fastpass because the line gets very long and much of the line is outside.

  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant – Dumbo is a classic ride and the line can tend to get very long. The thing is though if you go to the standby line and the wait IS long you get to go play under the big top in the air condition and they give you a buzzer (like at a restaurant) and once the buzzer goes off you hop right back in line to get on the next elephant.

  • Enchanted Tales with Belle – This is something fun for most kids, especially with the movie just releasing. You get to go inside Belle’s father’s workshop and into the Beast’s castle. Here they pick children to be a part of the story (someone is the horse, someone is the beast, and chip and more.) and everyone goes into a room where Belle comes out and goes through her story as each child plays their part. At the end ALL the children get to line up and meet Belle and have their picture taken with her. This is the only place you can meet Belle in the Magic Kingdom other than seeing her in the very first float during the Festival of Fantasy parade.

  • Haunted Mansion – This line is extremely long most of the time. The majority of the line is outside and though shaded can still be very hot. It is somewhat dark so if your little ones do not like that I would suggest trying it at another time.

  • Jungle Cruise – Though the animals are not real on the Jungle Cruise as they are in Animal Kingdom the commentary from the driver is comical for adults. Younger kids still seem to appreciate the animals even if they are fake. This line gets very long and most certainly needs a fast pass if it is a must on your list because the entire line is outside and it is crowded and hot.

  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh – This line varies sometimes it is long and other times it moves quickly. The good thing about this line though is that there is plenty for children to do and play with along the line route so even if you are having to wait in the line there is something to keep them occupied. It is a favorite with my little one and we always seem to go on it.

  • Meeting any of the Princesses – These lines tend to ALWAYS be long in Magic Kingdom. If there is a certain princess your little one HAS to see, get a fast pass for it, otherwise I would suggest getting a spot at the Festival of Fantasy parade for them to see them on the floats, getting to the castle before opening (usually around 8:55) and watching the opening show (Let the Magic Begin) before the rope drop because a lot of characters come out then, Watching Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire that goes on on the main stage in front of the castle a few times daily, or splurging and having a meal at Cinderella’s Royal Table or in Epcot at Akershus Royal Banquet to meet princesses while you eat. At this time the ONLY place you can meet Anna and Elsa is at their pavilion in Norway at Epcot.

  • Peter Pan – This is a classic ride that no matter what day you go anytime during the year the line is ridiculously long. If you want to go on this ride GET A FAST PASS but also understand when on this ride you are in the air and having to look down at all of the characters and your surroundings so for little ones they may not be interested because they can’t really see everything that is going on.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean – This is always a fun ride. During the summer months the line can get long but most of the line is inside in the air conditioning so that is a relief. If your child is a pirate fan just go ahead and get the fast pass otherwise you can wait it out. It’s dark but not too scary, there is a little drop in the beginning of the ride so make sure to hold on tight!

  • Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid – This ride is so bright & colorful and bound to catch any little one’s attention. It is truly a fan favorite. The ride moves continuously so the line moves pretty quickly. If you LOVE little mermaid go ahead and get the fast pass especially in the summertime when the lines can get rather long otherwise the line itself has lots to look at and it not unbearable, being that the ride is constantly moving the line moves somewhat quickly as well.


Here are some of my FAVORITE things to do at Magic Kingdom that don’t require fast passes

  • The people mover – This is in Tomorrowland, anyone can ride it, there is no height requirement. It is a nice relaxing ride to go on when maybe the older kids want to go on Space Mountain, or you just need a little mental break from everything going on. The lines moves quickly and its great for people watching.

  • Casey Jr. Splash N’ Soak Station – on a hot day it is always so nice to switch the kids into their swim suits or even in the clothes they are wearing and let them cool down in this splash pad area. They are able to let out some energy and cool down while you get to sit and take a break. Maybe even grab a slushie from under the big top. This is why I ALWAYS pack a swim suit with us wherever we go in Florida because you can almost always find a splash pad.

  • Prince Charming Regal Carousel – this is a classic ride that is loved by so many. The line may seem long but it moves fast. I think it is fun for all ages especially little ones.

  • Mickey’s PhilharMagic – This is one of my absolute FAVORITE things to do in Magic Kingdom and we probably go to it every time we visit. You do not need a fast pass because it is rare that you have to stand in line and if you do it is not for long. This 3D show is wonderful for all ages young and old. There is music from all of your classic Disney films including Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Peter Pan, Littler Mermaid, Aladdin and more! You get to sit down in the air conditioning and watch a huge screen with all of your favorite characters AND sing along! I feel that this attraction is underrated and so much fun! Be sure to check it out.

  • It’s a Small World & Mad Tea Cups – both of these rides you can get fast passes for but you do not need them. The lines move fast, so don’t waste your time getting a fast pass.

  • Festival of Fantasy Parade – this parade starts at 3pm daily (weather permitting) and it is fabulous! You get to see all of your favorites including Anna and Elsa, Belle and Beast, Tiana, Rapunzel, Ariel, Pinocchio, Snow White, Flynn Rider, Merida so many more and you can’t forget the big finale with Mickey and Minnie! Did I mention there was a fire breathing dragon!! The place that I like to sit and watch this parade is in frontier land. The parade starts right between Splash Mountain and Pecos Bill restaurant. I would get to a spot around 2pm (I usually try and get my little one to go to sleep right before then so they are napping while we wait it out) or get lunch and eat while we stake out our spots and wait. You can sit alongside Pecos bill on the wood sidewalk and it’s fairly shaded. This way you are there right at the start of the parade at 3pm if you decide you want to sit by the castle the parade won’t start there until around 3:30pm.

  • Move It! Shake It! Dance & Play It! Street Party – this is fun for little ones because it is a small parade and the characters get down and dance with you the entire time. A great way to get some pictures and let loose.

  • Happily Ever After – now I personally have not seen this in person but have heard it is phenomenal. If it is anything like its predecessor I would highly recommend sticking around to see it. I would get in front of the castle and stake out a spot so you can see the castle clearly, and STAY THERE. You need to be there early (at least an hour) to get a good spot.


There is so much to see and do at the Magic Kingdom which is why I recommend spending at least 2 days at this park, if you can, to be sure you are able to see EVERYTHING you want to see and do while you are here.

If you have any specific questions concerning your own vacation feel free to reach out I would love to help you! In the meantime check out our ETSY shop here for custom matching family vacation shirts or birthday shirts for your trip! Use coupon code THANKYOU for 10% off

Magic Kingdom

What to pack, entering the park and starting your day

Magic Kingdom… officially THE happiest place on Earth! What to pack, where to go first, there’s the castle!!! Now what?

Mind you most of my focus will be on families traveling to Disney so some of the things I suggest may or may not apply to your family.

What to pack/Must Haves:

  • Backpack – fits everything inside you can hang it on the stroller or take turns carrying. Try to just bring one if possible

  • Sunscreen – it’s HOT in Florida pretty much year round and even on cloudy days you can get sun burned and nothing is worse on vacation then getting too much sun on day one and being miserable the rest of the trip

  • Bug spray - if you plan on being there after dark I would suggest packing some bug repellent, mosquitoes can be awful in the summer time especially.

  • Camera/Cellphone – Make sure you have downloaded the MyDisneyExperience app on your phone this helps with show times, wait times, maps of the park, keeps track of your fast passes etc. Also there are tons of memories to be made you want to make sure you have a camera with you.

  • USB charging cord or extra battery – near the bathrooms by Rapunzel’s tower, between Haunted Mansion and It’s a Small World, there are little charging ports that you can plug in your USB for a quick charge on your phone or other device.

  • Minnie/Mickey Ears

  • Sunglasses/hats

  • Matching Shirts – we have several options listed in our ETSY store (check them out here) and we are always happy to make custom designs for your upcoming trip!

  • Ponchos/cover for stroller – in the summer it can rain at any point in time in Florida and then will stop and the sun will come right back out 15 minutes later. Make sure to bring ponchos with you to avoid having that last minute expense at the park. Also bring one to cover your stroller so it is not soaked.  

  • Snacks/water bottle - see post below about bringing snacks/coolers

  • Swim Suits for kids – There is a splash pad area in Fantasy Land right between Barnstormer and Dumbo! It’s a great way to cool down and by bringing swim suits or an extra pair of clothes you avoid walking around soaked (unless you prefer that on a hot day) or having to buy clothes/swimsuit/towel.

  • Magic Band/Wallet/Money

  • Stroller – It’s a lot cheaper and more convenient to bring your own stroller. When you rent a stroller at the park you have to leave it at the gate, which means at the end of a long day and the kids are cranky from walking and just want to relax in the stroller (or heaven forbid they have fallen asleep) they now have to get up before even getting on the monorail or ferry boat. If you don’t want to bring your stroller on a plane or pack it in your car I HIGHLY recommend KINGDOM STROLLERS. They are very reasonably priced and they drop off the stroller at your front desk of your hotel for you to pick up and then you drop it off at the front desk before you leave!

If you are driving to Magic Kingdom read below if you are not skip down to Resort Guests

  • Parking

If you are driving into the park you will have to pay for parking. Make sure to keep your receipt if you plan on park hopping for the day because you only have to pay for parking ONCE throughout the day. Parking right now is about $20 a day and preferred parking can cost up to $40 a day! But listen, especially if you have a stroller, preferred parking IS NOT WORTH IT! The parking lot is NOT THAT BIG and the trams come pick you up constantly. If you have a stroller I recommend just walking to the gate, because you have to get the kids out and fold it up to sit on the tram then unfold it when you get out and get them back in and go through security. So, in my opinion, just avoid it all get them in the stroller walk to the gate and they can get out after you have scanned your ticket/magic band or whenever you tell them to.

  • Security

Once you get off the tram or walk to the gate you will have to go through security. Make sure when you get up to the security table you have all bags up on the table and unzipped so they can be gone through quickly and make the process easier on yourself and others waiting. YOU CAN NOT BRING SELFIE STICKS SO LEAVE THEM AT HOME. They will also check under the stroller so make sure to take anything out that is in the basket underneath.

After you go through security you can purchase tickets if you haven’t already done so, visit guest services or head to the park.

  • Ferry or Monorail

From here you choose whether you want to go on the ferry boat or monorail. The monorail often looks like a long line, but it does come very quickly and goes straight to the park and back. You also get to pass through the contemporary resort and see Chef Mickey’s down below all while in air conditioning. Sometimes the monorail is down or the line is really long and you have to take the ferry boat. The ferry boat, in my opinion, takes forever and is just as crowded as the monorail if not more. Although you can go up top on the ferry boat and it carries a lot of people, you are riding it more for the view not the speed, there is no air conditioner and it is super hot. IF the monorail is down or has a super long lone, the ferry boat is not always your only option. You can take the resort monorail. They are not going to scan your band or ask where you are going so no worries. It just stops at the Polynesian and the Grand Floridian before stopping at Magic Kingdom.

  • Resort Guests

If you are staying at a resort, leave the car in the parking lot the entire trip and USE THOSE SHUTTLES! They tend to run every 20-30 minutes, so make sure to give yourself that buffer when leaving if you have fast passes set up. The resorts that are on the monorail you will have security before you get on the monorail system. Those guests taking the shuttle you will have to go through security once you get off the bus before entering magic Kingdom.


Finally you have made it to the park! Put on that sunscreen right away. I suggest getting to Magic Kingdom about 20 minutes before they open. They have a fabulous show at the opening of the park on the main stage in front of the castle with many of the princesses and other characters, prior to them letting down the ropes to the rides. Also you don’t have to waste fast passes on thrill rides like Mine Train, Space Mountain, Big Thunder, etc. if you hurry and go straight to them at the opening of the park. This is also a fantastic time to see Mickey who is all the way to the right at the entrance of the park before the line gets super long. Guest Services is on the left hand side at the entrance for any of your needs. At guest services and along Mainstreet you will see carts with cast members who have buttons here you can grab a FREE, yes I said FREE, first visit button or other celebratory button (anniversary, family reunion, birthday, etc). Now go enjoy your day!!

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