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Hello! My name is Stephanie and I'll admit it... I'm a Disneyholic. I love EVERYTHING about Disney.

Growing up in central Florida every child is bound to go to the parks either on a field trip, with friends, with a family member who works there and is able to let you in, it's just part of life! I am so very lucky to be able to live so close and enjoy the magic year round.

I watched all the movies growing up, I had my Little Mermaid bedroom complete with comforter, alarm clock, pillows, everything and even a fish tank! I loved it all and as I grew older I worked part time at one of the water parks and became more interested in the history and am still amazed by Walt's thought process in developing such a phenomenal experience.

I ended up getting an annual pass as an adult (as does my husband, parents, grandmother, and many close friends) and we take our little girl as much as we can because she too has a Mouse Beat that races when we wake up and ask if she wants to go see Mickey today. 

Being that we go to the parks quite frequently many of our friends and family that don't live around here have asked questions like ...

I want to come to Disney what rides do I need fast passes for?

Where should we stay?

Which parks are worth going to twice?

Is the parkhopper worth it?

My kids want to come to Disney where do I begin?

Where did you get those cute matching shirts?

Those are adorable Mikey ears where did you find them?

Can you just start a blog?

A blog? Hmmm, can I write a blog? Who writes blogs anyway? Do I even know what I am doing, probably not but I can try.

I have sent a number of personal messages to people answering various questions (and I will certainly continue because I don't mind at all) but I thought this way it helps me show you and others my favorite things about Disney and where I get all of our fun Disney accessories!

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