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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Flowers at the International Flower and Garden Festival- Epcot

Flowers from the 2009 International Flower and Garden Festival

I thought we would spend today admiring the real stars of the Spring Celebration the flowers! Disney World is a fantastic place to take photos of flowers on a daily basis, but during the Flower and Garden Festival Epcot becomes the place where people who love taking photos flowers flock with their cameras and all day long you can see people bent over trying to capture the color and delicate petals and leaves. I am one of those people. From the collage above you can see just a few (yes there are many, many more) of the flower photos that I have taken and continue to take each time we go to Epcot. There are just so many and if you pay attention you can find little cards and signs that will tell what the flower is that you are looking at and during the complimentary tours they will also tell you how you can you can grow those flowers in your own gardens or like they do in Italy give you tips on how to arrange the flowers so they make a stunning presentation. I will tell you more about Italy tomorrow… now let’s admire the lovely flowers. :)

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